Welcome to the world of Ken Hackman

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2 Responses to Welcome to the world of Ken Hackman

  1. Lou Hernandez says:

    conformation of my retirement is for the 24th at 1430 in blg 270 in the GCC. I can’t get to your email from the base. My email is lhphotolou@gmail.com hope you get the email.

    Lou Hernandez

  2. Karen says:

    Hi! Is this the Kenneth Hackman, military icon, photographer of air force one in 1972 and 1973? I am looking for this Kenneth Hackman. I have aquired a photograph of sam 27000 covered in signatures and would really like to find out who these people were and what this photograph was for. It contains such signatures as Joe Capelotti, Johnson J.J., Rev. Ike, Kirby “Kool Aid”, Joe L. Brewer, Sam Smith, MSgt. Bill Rice, J D Hawkins, Lt. Henning, Linda Falcon and many, many more signatures. The bottom of the photo has photographer Kenneth Hackman on it. I would really appreciate any and all information that you could give me on this. I’m pretty sure that this meant something special to someone.



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